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Featured: CDC Complaint Covid-19 Workplace Solutions 

No need to ever touch a door again on the way in or out of a public facility. A wave of the hand in front of the Sanitary Touchless Wave-To-Open Switch activates the Auto EntryControl Low Energy Swing Door Operator for entry or egress. Also, great for hospitals, labs, clean rooms, and other facilities where contamination control is required.

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These contact-free infrared temperature sensors provide accurate real-time temperature measurements for faster screening and optional mask detection. Solution is available in desktop, kiosk and High walkthrough packages.


A North Carolina-based Company founded in 2007, we meet challenging requirements and deploy the most advanced -- proven and reliable -- technologies to help protect your employees, facilities and operations. Carolina Video Security, Inc. (CVSI) provides, installs and maintains commercial and industrial physical security systems including advanced video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control solutions.

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