CapturaTM  Interview Recording System is an innovative solution that provides any agency with a reliable and efficient interview recording system. Specifically, Captura assists North Carolina’s law enforcement agencies in complying with the expanded mandate for the recording of custodial interrogations for all felonies.


Our newest generation solution offers an industry first with High Definition (HD) video recording, two cameras per room and smartcard authentication.


Captura features an enterprise-class server/storage platform and browser-based design.  This system also provides recording and playback, comprehensive content management and easy file distribution for multiple interview rooms and multiple investigators.



Simple, reliable operation of the recording function is controlled through a smartcard authentication process and features an independent record indicator light for each interview room. Interviews can be recorded continuously for hours with no need to change media. In addition, interviews can be securely monitored (locally or remotely) in real-time through a simple browser interface.


A multi-level / multi-role permission feature controls access to live and recorded content ensuring that the audience for sensitive interviews is limited to authorized users.  Recorded interviews are automatically tagged with the date, time, location and detective that initiated the interview recording in addition to an embedded watermark.   During playback, the user can add  other case information, notes and bookmarks.  Bookmarks are displayed with a thumbnail and description that can then be used to directly navigate to a specific point in an interview.


Captura offers immediate export with easy distribution methods on DVD data discs, USB Flash Storage and HDD drives.  Captura also supports Dropbox for BusinessSM  to securely distribute content through an encrypted delivery system.  Dropbox for Business  provides options for limiting downstream sharing, time expiration and audit trails.   Captura  provides secure content distribution options to permit delivery to the courtroom and other Criminal Justice stakeholders.


The Captura recording and case management solution scales up to six rooms per server and can be installed into new rooms or may be retrofitted to existing interview rooms in order to meet your needs.


With this solution your agency can meet or exceed the requirements of the  legislation for custodial interrogations  and provide more reliable, comprehensive documentation of investigations.


Carolina Video Security, Inc. (CVSI) offers Captura in a turn-key package for a complete interview recording system utilizing high quality commercial grade equipment and professional certified installers.


Captura System

Captura Features:​


  • Simple to Use

  • High Definition

  • Smart Card Activated

  • Secure

  • Browser Client

  • Enterprise Server / Storage

  • Multi-Room

  • Easy File Distribution

  • Dual Cameras Per Room

  • Discrete Camera Options

CVSI has designed and implemented hundreds of rooms of interrogation, polygraph, social services and clinical environment recording solutions.  Our newest solution - Captura IRS - is in operation in more than forty (40) rooms in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  We would be glad to provide references for Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies or County Sheriff Organizations.   Please contact us for further information or a demonstration.

Read our whitepaper - Guidelines for Selecting an Interview Recording System.

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